Dilemma of Moving

My father was a supervisor of a company. My father is a hard worker and result oriented person. So, wherever he was assigned, it will sure yield good results and will surely have growth. My father is like a trouble shooter of branches of the company. Whenever there is a problem on of the branches of the company, my father will surely be transferred to the that branch for 6 months to a year to fix it. My father is a type of person that is family oriented and wants his family close whenever he works on a new location.

It became a hassle for us, my mother and us two kids have to endure the transferring from one place to another. Good thing my mother was not an employee of a certain company or government. She does not have to adjust her work. The nature of my mother’s work was online, so it is very flexible and can be brought anywhere as long as internet is available. She is working on a site www.mommymakeovertulsa.net, that gives mommies a chance to go back to their usual sexy bodies.

But for us their kids especially me, I had a hard time adjust. I have to leave my friends, classmates and my favorite teacher every time we move. I told my father why we must move every now and then. I lost my focus on my studies. I feel like I don’t what to get attached to someone because I will leave them in the future. My fear became a depression and it even intensifies with every moving we made.

My mother knows how I feel about our constant and she also knows that I have grown depressed of it. She decided that it is better for me to submit counseling because can help me ease and handle my depression. We search online to find the nearest counselor in Tulsa, Oklahoma and we found meistercounseling.com. We booked right away for an appointment. Michael our counselor was a very professional counselor. He was accommodating and very attentive to the problem I submitted to him.  He helped me a lot in overcoming my depression and slowly I have accepted the fact that we need to move from one place to another in order for my father to work. Gradually my depression was gone, and I can now accept the pains and cons of moving. I have found ways to ease it by connecting to new people and become friends with them eventually.

My Big Leap from Smoking to Vaping

Vaping is a great hobby for me. I have been vaping for 5 years now, so far so good. I have experimented with different e-juices and e-liquids and it is really amazing how many varieties are there. One thing I like with vaping is how convenient it is to vape. You can do it anywhere at any time.

If you don’t like bulky vaporizers there are pen ones. You can check out this website vaporizerfriend.com. It has lots of vaporizers there. You can find articles on updates, reviews and also comparisons about vaporizers. It is a very informative website.

I was not really a vaper at first like any other person who’s into vaping, I started as a smoker. I started smoking when I was 12 and continued it for another 20 years. It started as one to two sticks per day and went to a pack or more per day.

I considered myself as heavy smoker. Just a little background of my work.  I work on a school, so I interact with kids. I am afraid to smoke in school because I am afraid that they will see me. One time when I was buying cigarette, a voice from behind uttered, “do you smoke?” I was shocked, of course I denied it and said that I was buying it for my father.

From that moment on that I knew that I need to stop smoking. I don’t want these children to emulate me and hand them an addiction that will go for years.

So, I remembered the first vaporizer I bought was a volcano. It was a great desktop vaporizer; it works as advertised. The volcano doesn’t smell too bad. It is easy to clean and a totally a great vaporizer.

I am very thankful that I switched to vaping. It’s worth it!